1.Purchase our Mock Exam card from any of our partners

2. Log on to OR

3. Click on Register on the Home page.

4. Select the preferred Examination category

5. Input your details

a.) The PIN and serial number on your card

b.) Create a username and password. Note that the username created is temporary as the username you will use to login subsequently will be the registration number generated for you by our portal.

c.) Input your personal information

d.) Upload your passport

e.) Select your subjects of choice

f.) Click submit.

Upon successful completion of your registration, You will be logged on to your profile page update your profile or print your photocard



1. Your Username is the same as your Registration number once you have completed your registration.

2. Ensure your phone number is accurate and that you can recieve SMS to enable us send a copy of your result to your phone.

3. Try to remember your password.

4. If you need further clarification or guidance on registration, call us on 08091342139 or chat with us on 0701 039 4991 8am - 8pm, Mondays through Saturdays